Frederick Colbourne

Bio: Born in Canada, studied in Canada, USA and UK. Nationality Canada and UK, living in Malaysia. Profession, international consultant in public service delivery, mostly in the water sector and waste management. Consulting assignments for Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, Egypt, El Salvador, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Syria, Timor Leste, UK. B.A. Geography major, University of Western Ontario, Canada M.A. Economic geography, Miami University, Ohio Graduate certificate in Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis, Emporia State U, Kansas M.S. Earth Science, Emporia State U. Kansas. Canada Scholar in economic geography at the London School of Economics Senior Research Officer, Economics Department, London School of Economics. Conducted seminar for the joint masters degree programme of the Geography and Economics Departments: Quantitative Methods in Urban and Regional Planning. Principal Scientist, Operational Research, Roskill Commission, UK.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Frederick,

    (You don’t have to publish this.)

    Thanks for your serious and informative comments on my CliScep post ‘Nazis Had it Right.’

    I just wanted to be sure you knew the post was satire (or parody, technically), and that my replies to commenters were also facetious. I’m sure you did realize that, and were just “playing along.” But I wouldn’t want you to think I was as naive as the imaginary authors of the article!

    Do visit again.

    All the best,

    Brad Keyes


    • Yes. The only reservation I had was about the photo. The German soldiers were probably conscripts, not Nazis.

      But as you said, you did not pick the photo, but merely commented on an article that did use the photo.


      • Good point—we often forget (and I certainly did) that rank-and-file soldiers rarely get to choose sides.

        TBH though I picked the photo (“I” being the author of the parody NYT article!) because it was a great reductio ad absurdum of the phrase “wisdom of crowds,” as well as being one of the images inexplicably found at SkepticalScience.com—complete with annotations/photomanipulation made by someone in that crew. (To this day nobody knows, AFAICT, why the SkS kiddies had so many Third Reich-era glamor shots lying around on their site.) The John-Cook-as-Himmler portrait, of course, is the most famous of the bunch.


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